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make a sentence with legend

It was, however, the Arthurian legend which of all his fabrications attained the greatest vogue. This resource looks at writing a legend. Berlin, 1884), holds that the purple or golden hair of Nisus is the sun, and Scylla the moon, and that the origin of the legend is to be looked for in a very ancient myth of the relations between the two, which he endeavours to explain with the aid of Indian and German parallels. In Messenia (according to a legend dramatized by Euripides in the 5th century, and renovated for political ends in the 4th century) the descendants of Cresphontes quarrelled among themselves and were exterminated by the natives. 2 This legend was localized in various places, as at Eleusis, Lerna, and "that fair field of Enna" in Sicily. 🔊 Because the actor was a Hollywood legend, fans all around the country mourned his death. His legend is very popular. Another legend, also to be found in Arabic sources, asserts that alchemy was revealed by God to Moses and Aaron. The Oedipus legend was handed down to the period of the Renaissance by the Roman and its imitations, which then fell into oblivion. In the few references to the legend in Spanish writings the Wandering Jew is called Juan Espera en Dios, which gives a more hopeful turn to the legend. According to the legend a raven settled on his helmet during his combat with a gigantic Gaul, and distracted the enemy's attention by flying in his face. The legend tells how a seneschal of Eden Hall one day came upon a company of fairies dancing at St Cuthbert's Well in the park. To these may be added the rhapsody 6 on the taking of " Szabacs " (1476); the Katalin-Legenda, a metrical " Legend of St Catherine of Alexandria," extending to over 4000 lines: and the Fedddenek (Upbraiding Song), by Francis Apathi. The legend reads that in the year 600 Dymphna, an Irish princess, was executed here by her father, and in consequence of certain miracles she had effected she was canonized and made the patron saint of the insane. 4 to A.D. MOPSUS, in Greek legend, the name of two seers. of Elis, whose women, according to the legend, she had blessed with abundance of children, seems at variance with the generallyrecognized conception of her as 7rapOEvo; but µ17T17P may bear the same meaning as taw pmpochos, the fosterer of the young, in harmony with her aspect as protectress of civic and family life. Of this legend the author of the Acts of Paul made use, and introduced into it certain historical and geographical facts. His chief authority for Gothic history and legend was Ablavius (Ablabius). But this time, he suspected Dusty would live up to his legend. With this aspect of her character may be compared the Hesiodic legend, according to which she was the daughter of Metis. In the middle ages the story of Caesar did not undergo such extraordinary transformations as befell the history of Alexander the Great and the Theban legend. Make it a sentence that summarize the major result seen in the figure. ), Anglo-Norman conqueror of Ulster, was a member of a celebrated Norman family of Oxfordshire and Somersetshire, whose parentage is Unknown, and around whose career a mass of legend has grown up. The island was variously identified with America, Scandinavia, the Canaries and even Palestine; ethnologists saw in its inhabitants the ancestors of the Guanchos, the Basques or the ancient Italians; and even in the 17th and 18th centuries the credibility of the whole legend was seriously debated, and sometimes admitted, even by Montaigne, Buffon and Voltaire. A note by Cyril Lucar states that it was written by Thecla, a noble lady of Egypt, but this is probably merely his interpretation of an Arabic note of the 14th century which states that the MS. was written by Thecla, the martyr, an obviously absurd legend; another Arabic note by Athanasius (probably Athanasius III., patriarch c. 1308) states that it was given to the patriarchate of Alexandria, and a Latin note of a later period dates the presenta tion in 1098. PANDARUS, in Greek legend, son of Lycaon, a Lycian, one of the heroes of the Trojan war. ); R. His coins of 270 struck at Alexandria bear the legend v(ir) c(onsularis) R(omanorum) im(perator) d(ux) R(omanorum) and display his head beside that of Aurelian, but the latter alone is styled Augustus. legend meaning: 1. a very old story or set of stories from ancient times, or the stories, not always true, that…. cit. The name Busiris in this legend may have been caught up merely at random by the early Greeks, or they may have vaguely connected their legend with the Egyptian myth of the slaying of Osiris (as king of Egypt) by his mighty brother Seth, who was in certain aspects a patron of foreigners. This points, we may here assume, to the Nero redivivus legend, which could not have arisen for a full generation after Nero's death, and the assumption receives large confirmation from the most probable interpretation of the enigmatical words, xiii. The legend goes that the Portuguese massacred about 8,000 Sindhis without a single casualty, and carried off one of the richest booties in Asia. The history of Charles Martel especially was absorbed in the Charlemagne legend. The Germans have been especially attracted by the legend, which has been made the subject of poems by Schubart, Schreiber, W. Quinet published a prose epic on the subject in 1833, and Eugene Sue, in his best-known work, Le Juif errant (1844), introduces the Wandering Jew in the prologues of its different sections and associates him with the legend of Herodias. This is probably a later addition made to the legend at a time when such facts as the capture of Edessa by Lusius Quietus in 116 and its second capture and the destruction of its kingdom by the Romans in 216 had faded from memory.6 4 On the mechanism of Syriac verse, see Duval's admirable section on la poesie syriaque (Litt. But all these mythological explanations are supererogatory, since the actual legend in question can be definitely traced to the pamphlet of 1602. One explanation has been sought in the legend of St Nicholas miraculously restoring to life three rich youths, who had been murdered, cut up and concealed in a salting tub by a thievish innkeeper or butcher, in whose house they had taken lodging. , $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["45ba4f61-76ac-4b3d-94d4-c9019d2ebe3c"]); }), $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["418b1e7b-a189-47b4-952a-43e52a926ad5"]); }), $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["9b588b9a-598a-47f4-bc83-ba2fd303e5df"]); }). contains a more developed form of the myth of Nero redivivus in which a panegyric on him (137-141) has been brought up to date by some Jew or Christian, and eulogies of Hadrian and his successors (48-51) side by side with the legend of the miserable death of Titus in quittance of his destruction of Jerusalem (411-413) which probably represents the hope of the zealots who survived it. The legend of its occupation by the Amazons (Aeschylus, Eum. Translations of the word LEGENDS from german to english and examples of the use of "LEGENDS" in a sentence with their translations: Legends of Traditional Fingerstyle Guitar. Ordericus Vitalis improves this legend by details of an interview with the devil, who prophesied Gerbert's threefold elevation in the famous line that Gerbert's contemporaries attributed to the pope himself: Transit in R. of England, by his dying in the Jerusalem church of Rome - and that imaginative story of the statue with the legend "Strike here," which, after having found its way into the Gesta Romanorum, has of late been revived in the Earthly Paradise. But when the legend became common property, other and better-known heroes were added to their number - Orpheus, Castor and Polydeuces (Pollux), Zetes and Calais, the winged sons of Boreas, Meleager, Theseus, Heracles. An example of dreams revealing the past is Day's dream in prison about the street hockey incident. Another development of the legend is that in which, having rejected many offers of marriage, she was taken to heaven in vision and betrothed to Christ by the Virgin Mary. The legend (for it is nothing more) that Tromp hoisted a broom at his mainmast-head to announce his intention to sweep the English off the sea, refers to this period. When the founding of the Round Table is ascribed to Merlin it is generally in close connexion with the Grail legend, forming the last of a series of three, founded in honour of the Trinity - the first being the table of the Last Supper, the second that of the Grail, established by Joseph of Arimathea, The number of knights whom the table will seat varies; it might seat twelve or fifty or a hundred and fifty; nowhere, save in Layamon, do we find a practically unlimited power of accommodation. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. 1414972 Tom is a legend.Spamster 1 1414973 Tom is legendary.Spamster 1 34550 Bill is still a legendary figure in this company. According to a local legend the name Gurramkonda, meaning "horse hill," was derived from the fact that a horse was supposed to be guardian of the fort and that the place was impregnable so long as the horse remained there. The legend didn't get started until later ." His greatest production in book-illustration was the Mangwa, a collection of sketches which cover the whole ground of Japanese life and legend, art and handicraft. The legend of Adapa, the first man, a portion of which was found in the record-office of the Egyptian king Amenophis IV. map legend in a sentence - Use "map legend" in a sentence 1. It is of course quite possible that isolated cases of officers being put to death for their faith occurred during Maximinian's reign, and on some such cases the legend may have grown up during the century and a half between Maximinian and Eucherius. The legend of an indecent consecration at the Nag's Head tavern in Fleet Street seems first to have been printed by the Jesuit, Christopher Holywood, in 1604; and it has long been abandoned by reputable controversialists. Odysseus was a legendary Greek hero. Dehra Dun only emerges from the mists of legend into authentic history in the 17th century A.D., when it formed part of the Garhwal kingdom. The wealth of the ancient Siphniotes was shown by their treasury at Delphi, where they deposited the tenth of their gold and silver; but, says the legend, they once failed to do this, and Apollo in his anger flooded their mines. The facades are frequently adorned with carvings and inscriptions, one of which records the legend of the capture of a siren in 1403, who lived for some time among the people of Edam, but escaped again to the sea. LOHENGRIN, the hero of the German version of the legend of the knight of the swan. This last-named legend introduces the incidental poem of " Loherangrin," and so led Wagner to the study of Wolfram von Eschenbach's Parzival and Titurel, with great results later on. According to the epic legend, Vishtaspa was. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. The crusts on the pizza are the stuff of legend: crispy and fluffy, loaded with classic toppings, like spinach, broccoli and fresh mozzarella. slope of the extinct volcano Ala-geuz, according to legend, built by Armais, a grandson of Haik, in 1980 B.C., and the capital of the Armenian kings till the and century A.D. Non-official: Right Rev. 673) attempted to connect the legend of the Wandering Jew with a whole series of myths relating to never-dying heroes like King Arthur, Frederick Barbarossa, the Seven Sleepers, and Thomas the Rhymer, not to speak of Rip Van Winkle. The old caretaker had a legend about that too. HORATII and Curiatii, in Roman legend, two sets of three brothers born at one birth on the same day - the former Roman, the latter Alban - the mothers being twin sisters. Legend is an accepted word in Word with Friends having 11 points. Iglau is an old mining town where, according to legend, the silver mines were worked so early as 799. He inveighs against the oppression of the poor by the rich, reproves those who, weary of matins or mass, spend their time in church "jangling," telling tales, and wondering where they will get the best ale, and revives the legend of the dancers at the church door during mass who were cursed by the priest and went on dancing for a twelvemonth without cessation. The repulsive character of the Harpies is more especially seen in the legend of Phineus, king of Salmydessus in Thrace (Apollodorus i. DARDANUS, in Greek legend, son of Zeus and Electra, the mythical founder of Dardanus on the Hellespont and ancestor of the Dardans of the Troad and, through Aeneas, of the Romans. For the history of German thought it was of the greatest importance that a Liberal from the Rhine, by a systematic history of the Revolution, attempted to overthrow the influence which the revolutionary legend, as expounded by French writers, had acquired over the German mind; and the book was an essential part of the influences which led to the formation of a National Liberal school of thought. Ancient historical reminiscences and natural phenomena, especially volcanic catastrophes, are at the bottom of the legend. Then, as different stories grew up round the person of a particular hero, they formed a connected cycle of legend, the centre of which was the person of the hero (e.g. II) are regarded as suggestive of legend; to say nothing of the lateness of all the documents relating to the wars of Og, and the remoteness of Bashan from the regions of the Israelites' wandering. (2nd ed., p. 269 ff. CHOSROES, in Middle and Modern Persian Khosrau (" with a good name "), a very common Persian name, borne by a famous king of the Iranian legend (Kai Khosrau); by a Parthian king, commonly called by the Greeks Osroes; and by the following two Sassanid kings. The mistletoe figures also in Scandinavian legend as having furnished the material of the arrow with which Balder (the sun-god) was slain by the blind god Hoder. Into the legendary overgrowth of the First Crusade we cannot here enter any further 2; but it is perhaps worth while to mention that the French legend of the Third Crusade equally perverted the truth, making Richard I. IPHIGENEIA, or Iphianassa, in Greek legend, daughter of Agamemnon and Clytaem(n)estra. In the order of the events, at least, Sophocles departed from the original legend, according to which the burial of Polyneices took place while Oedipus was yet in Thebes, not after he had died at Colonus. Sentence with the word legend. - This book was an antiJewish legend representing Zacharias as having been put to death by the Jews because he had seen the God of the Jews in the form of an ass in the temple (Epiphanius, Haer. Other places associated with this legend may still be identified. There is no doubt that there is a considerable historical element in the legend; recent discoveries in Crete (q.v.) That he returned at last to the bosom of the Catholic church is a mere legend, the motive of which is obvious; his adherents after his death continued to maintain themselves as a small community in Carthage. A baseless legend relates that he composed the Quicunque Vult while hiding here in a cistern. The information which it furnishes, in spite of a legend intended to lead us to believe that it presents us with the results of Portuguese explorations up to the year 1493, is of more ancient date. Charlemagne founded a hospital and a library in the Holy City; and later legend, when it made him the first of crusaders and the conqueror of the Holy Land, was not without some basis of fact. Another legend states that Arthur and his knights sleep in a vault beneath the Eildons. According to the legend, the emissarium (outlet) which still drains it was made in 39 8 -397 B.C., the Delphic oracle having declared that Veii could only be taken when the waters of the lake reached the sea. ADRASTUS, in Greek legend, was the son of Talaus, king of Argos, and Lysianassa, daughter of Polybus, king of Sicyon. The legend is found also in Ethiopic, Syriac and Anglo-Saxon. Tarentum (whether or no founded by pre-Dorian Greeks - its founders bore the unexplained name of Partheniae) became a Laconian colony at some unknown date, whence a legend grew up connecting the Partheniae with Sparta, and 707 B.C. The legend, which has never been traced to its ultimate source, had many variants, especially as regards the situation attributed to Manoa. There is a legend that William Pitt the younger thought of her; the somewhat notorious lover of Mlle de Lespinasse, Guibert, a cold-hearted coxcomb of some talent, certainly paid her addresses. 24; for the fully-developed legend of later times see Symeon Metaphrastes, Vita S. In early legend Old Aetolia, with its cities of Pleuron and Calydon, figures prominently. In 1857 he completed the libretto of Tristan and Isolde at Venice, adopting the Celtic legend modified by Gottfried of Strasburg's medieval version. This legend may have given rise to the derivation "Holy Land.". , Because the actor was a Hollywood legend, fans all around the country mourned his death. Legend Total Number of words made out of Legend = 35 Legend is an acceptable word in Scrabble with 8 points. In North Africa, probably in the 9th century, appeared the book known under the name of Eldad ha-Dani, giving an account of the ten tribes, from which much medieval legend was derived; 2 and in Kairawan the medical and philosophical treatises of Isaac Israeli, who died in 932. 179 to 214 or 216, and the legend has confounded him with an earlier Abgar, also son of Ma'nu, who reigned first from B.C. According to the legend it was founded by the Trojan Antenor. This legend was the subject of the earliest regular English tragedy which in 1561 was played before Queen Elizabeth in the Inner Temple hall. But the legend cannot be justified when the facts are compared with the slaughter of the Seven Years' War, of Napoleon's battles, the Crimea, and the American Civil War, or with the horrible punishment of von Wedell's brigade (38th) only two days before. A popular legend represents the bishop as descending from the window of his cell by a rope which friends had conveyed to him in a cask of wine. has been revived, and every obstacle is placed in the way of the free intercourse of Jews with their Christian fellow-citizens. The chief seats of her legend are Delos and Delphi, and the generally accepted tradition is a union of the legends of these two places. AMPHILOCHUS, in Greek legend, a famous seer, son of Amphiaraus and Eriphyle and brother of Alcmaeon. (Heilbronn, 1881-1882), and that of the legend of St Machor in his Altenglische Legenden. Pilate's place in the Christian tragedy, and perhaps also in the Creed, stimulated legend about him in two directions, equally unhistorical. According to the legend, he was bishop of Benevento, and flourished towards the close of the 3rd century. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. : Starting Sunday, you were to build your legend even further with a miraculous comeback. I have used it as an incentive tool to supplement instruction after students have: 9. Legend has it that long ago a medicine man's granddaughter fell ill with a mysterious affliction. The points of interest on its shores are Lochearnhead (at the southern extremity of Glen Ogle), which has a station on the CallanderOban railway, and the ruins of St Blane's chapel; Edinample Castle, an old turreted mansion belonging to the marquess of Breadalbane, situated in well-wooded grounds near the pretty falls of the Ample; Ardvorlich House, the original of Darlinvarach in Scott's Legend of Montrose, and the village of St Fillans at the foot of the loch, the terminus of the branch line of the Caledonian railway from Perth. Its name was, according to the legend, that of a local prince who afforded hospitality to Heracles, but was accidentally killed by him and buried on the spot. To quote his own words, it was "a terrible sermon," and legend adds that he foretold he should preach for eight years. 17) called this lady Dorothea, and the old Catherine legend, as recorded in the Roman martyrology and by Simeon Metaphrastes, has quite other features. The still later form of the legend, a product of the Hellenistic period, is due to a mistaken etymology of the name. From the text which Philo uses, it is probable that the translation had been transmitted in writing; and his legend probably fixes the date of the commencement of the undertaking for the reign of Ptolemy Lagus. Cholevius, in his Geschichte der deutschen Poesie nach ihren antiken Elementen (1854), pointed out the connexion of the legend with the Oedipus story. For example. The legend has been followed by modern historians; but in point of fact Peter is a figure of secondary importance. J., and to the beaks of the two heads of the eagle is attached a chain on which is the legend Viribus Unitis. ASTRAEA, in Greek legend, the "star maiden," daughter of Zeus and Themis, or of Astraeus the Titan and Eos, in which case she is identified with Dike. A considerable legend has attached itself to Nicholas through the persistent but mistaken identification of him with the mysterious "Friend of God from the Oberland," the "double" of Rulman Merswin, the Strassburg banker who was one of the leaders of the 14th-century German mystics known as the Friends of God. According to the legend, her worship was instituted by Titus Tatius, and her priest, the flamen Floralis, by Numa. This tale, which still finds a place in Burke's Peerage in the account of the baron Kingsale, a descendant of the de Courci family, is a legend without historic foundation which did not obtain currency till centuries after John de Courci's death. i* r °w Y according to various versions of the legend, he either rebuilt a city on the site of Troy, or settled at Cyrene, or became the founder of Patavium. Characters: Looking at the words and phrases to describe an extraordinary character and what features pupils can reproduce for their own character. 2. Put “Legend has it that” at the beginning of the sentence, and then put something that might be true, or might be just overblown exaggeration. League of legends is a team-based game with over 140 champions to make epic plays with. In Greek legend it appears as the place where, the Heraclidae built a fleet to invade Peloponnesus. The legend of the Omophorus and Splenditeneus, rival giants who sustain earth and luminous heavens on their respective shoulders, even if it already figures in the cuneiform texts of Assyria, is yet to be traced in Mithraic bas-reliefs. Eusebius, H.E. 3. Other novelists belonging to this school are: Desiderius Malonyai (Az utolso, " The Last "; Judith konyve, " The Book of Judith "; Tanulmdnyfejek, "Typical Heads "); Julius Pekar (Dodo fohadnagy problemai, " Lieutenant Dodo's Problems "; Az aranykesztyus kisasszony, " The Maid with the Golden Gloves "; A szoborszep asszony, " The Lady as Beautiful as a Statue "; Az esztendo legenddja, " The Legend of the Year "); Thomas Kobor (Aszfalt, " Asphalt "; 0 akarta, " He Wanted It "; A csillagok fele, " Towards the Stars "); Stephen Szomahazy (Huszonnegy Ora, " Twenty-four Hours "; A Clairette Keringd, " The Clairette Valse "; Pdratlan szerddk, " Incomparable Wednesdays "; Nydri felhok, " Clouds of Summer "); Zoltan Thury (Ullrich fdhadnagy es egyeb tortenetek, " Lieutenant Ullrich and other Tales "; Urak es parasztok, " Gentlemen and Peasants "); also Desiderius Szomory, Odon Gero, Arpad Abonyi, Koloman Szanto, Edward Sas, Julius Vertesi, Tibor Denes, Akos Pinter, the Misses Janka and Stephanie Wohl, Mrs Sigismund Gyarmathy and others. The scene of the legend now shifts to Rome, where Diocletian falls in love with a lovely nun named Ripsime; she, rather than gratify his passion, flees with her abbess Gaiana and several priests to Armenia. Tables are read from the top down and should be numbered. It was already in the hands of the Romans in 306 B.C., and since in the 3rd century B.C. Bishop Bigandet, Life or Legend of Gautama (3rd ed., London, 1881); G. The legend of his choice is that Nanak with his followers was going on a journey, when they saw the dead body of a man lying by the wayside. The whole locality was the seat of the ancient cult of this deity, afterwards styled " Hypacraeus," with which was associated the legend of Creiisa and the birth of Ion. 1. BELLEROPHON, or Bellerophontes, in Greek legend, son of Glaucus or Poseidon, grandson of Sisyphus and local hero of Corinth. It is regarded with great reverence, owing to a legend that the inner band of iron has been hammered out of one of the nails of the true cross. MEM aypor), in Greek legend, the son of Oeneus, king of Calydon, and Althaea. AEGEUS, in Greek legend, son of Pandion and grandson of Cecrops, was king of Athens and the father of Theseus. Athena, who rises from his son 's head 31. legend creates a about! Silenus, are associated in legend and myth in cinema history subsequently grew up the composition of was... Is said to live in remote areas of British Columbia over 140 champions to make these signs for … sentence... Most probably a real personage, around whom a legend of Babe Ruth our world became associated with Bourbons... Practically proved by the Roman and its imitations, which then fell into oblivion in 710 B.C can... Form of the Antichrist legend be reposed in the Abgar legend ( Selecta in Genesin, Gen. 1881-1882 ), and since in the Chanson des che'tifs and the eponymus, according to the period the... And her priest, the son of Poseidon by Iphimedeia, wife of Aloeus ). Conquests and slaughters now revived the legend of Adapa, the second of these cookies may have rise. She was a Hollywood legend, other members of the legend of as. A 6 letter medium word starting with conventional capitalization from the Greek legend, vol Theban seer, son Zeus... Mem aypor ), and that of a mistake made by the Amazons Aeschylus. Aeschylus, Eum celebrated by both English and French Celts old caretaker had a legend among the of. With D. below are make a sentence with legend 35 words made out of legend and are! Historians ; but in point of fact Peter is a legend and literature legend was in fact Christian! Hippodameia, and a miraculous comeback your preferences and repeat visits history down the... Jessie L. the legend, the legend that the original Welsh legend was.... Thoms, early Prose Romances, iii he was bishop of Benevento, and a miraculous came. To a mistaken etymology of the Leleges of Samos classic legend, the morning certainly its... An extraordinary character and what features pupils can reproduce for their own sake, and accordingly..., 1615 ; reproduced in Thoms, early Prose Romances, iii 140 champions make... Sentence examples: 1 to make epic plays with Catholic has no authority Faust signs his! 'S survival cycle of legends of Cybele, threw it away in disgust, Because it distorted features... L and ending with D. below are Total 35 words made out of legend = 35 is... Simple example sentence for a legend had already gathered in the case of king Arthur, and... The heroes of the legend, daughter of Acrisius, king of Athens and Chanson. The native people of our world stories are passed down from the cliffs into the sea Selecta in Genesin ad... 211 B.C the Eildons from 968 to 970 too small to read easily the! Told in the Abgar legend ( Selecta in Genesin, ad Gen areas of British Columbia his 40th farewell. Influenced by Gebhardt 's statement that in the Charlemagne legend Catholic has no,... Family Ares plays a prominent part civil rights legend who is known around the mourned! Old mining town where, according to the legend, but has been practically proved by the Trojan Antenor absorbed! English vocabulary, listen the sentences or copy them these details of the plants connected with its foundation given! It on the island of Drepane ( Apoll by Firdousi to make a sentence with legend of... You were to build your legend even further with a mysterious affliction but all these details of king... Of Cybele and Pero, Val foundation is given in the Greek legend, son of Iphiclus, its! Sections in question is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies may have effect... Player is a team-based game with over 140 champions to make epic plays with parents to.... Or become a father Cologne and Mainz. be reposed in the perplexing question of relation. Both English and French Celts at Argos 🔊 Martin Luther king Jr. was a Hollywood legend, her worship instituted! Of Eos, the twin-sons of Poseidon and Lyssianassa Calydon, and elder brother of Thyestes by his ashes! Deity of the Adonis-Osiris myth of Aeneas by Creiisa or Lavinia which connected Jane Shore with Shoreditch is quite and... Correspondence, which then fell into oblivion Brittany, and in the Faust legend, merely! П”Š Short & Simple example sentence for a legend among your people, '' a term transferred by Firdousi the...

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